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Bonita Springs, FL Periodontal Care by Dr. Keith Morse

Gum disease is silent, so it’s important to get a professional to check for signs regularly. As with any disease, if caught early it is much easier to treat, with better results. Your gums are very vulnerable to infection from collecting plaque from the food you eat and the germs from people around them. Periodontic care, including cleanings and gum grafting, prevent infections, receding gums, and bone loss that can result in tooth loss.

You may have gum disease if:

Periodontal Care in Bonita Springs
  • Your gums bleed when you brush.
  • Your teeth look or feel like they are moving.
  • Your gums are red or swollen.
  • You suffer from persistent bad breath.
  • Your teeth are looking longer (a sign that your gums are receding).
  • There are spaces developing between your teeth.
  • You experience recurrent mouth infections or ulcers.

Gum disease can be hard to spot, which is why it is important to visit Bonita Bay Dental dentist for routine check-ups. Our dental practitioner Dr. Keith Morse may help you if you suspect any signs of gingivitis or periodontitis. If you have not seen a dentist for some time, and you think you may have gum disease, book an appointment at Bonita Bay Dental straight away. 

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