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Bonita Springs, FL Dental Crowns by Dr. Keith Morse

Dental crowns can be needed for a variety of reasons.  A common reason is to protect a weak tooth from breaking, or to repair a cracked tooth.  Some desire crowns simply for the cosmetic effect if desiring to cover stained or ill-shaped teeth. Crowns restore the shape, strength, size and the overall appearance of the tooth.  Dental crowns are also used to cover a dental implant or support a dental bridge.  Children who are at high risk for dental decay also need dental crowns to protect teeth from breaking.

Permanent crowns can be made from a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, gold or other metal alloys, resin materials, ceramic or porcelain that is fused to metal.  Metal crowns are probably more durable, with less wear and tear over time from biting and chewing. Adults are more likely to want porcelain or ceramic crown that can be matched to other teeth, making the teeth span look more natural.

Dental Crowns in Bonita Springs

When it comes to the financial side of things, we accept many different forms of dental insurance. Our prices are affordable, so your share should not put too much of a strain on your budget if you have insurance coverage. Plus, we offer easy financing options, so you can always get the dental care that you need without parting with a lot of cash. 

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