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Bonita Springs, FL Emergency Dental Service by Dr. Keith Morse

If you need an emergency dentist in Bonita Springs, we will always be standing by to help. Our emergency dentist fully understands the magnitude of these situations, and we make time to see patients that are experiencing a great deal of dental pain. We know how to ease the suffering quickly and plan the next steps that lead toward a permanent solution.

In addition to the Bonita Springs area, we also assist people that need an emergency dentist in Estero, Naples and the San Carlos Area for urgent situations and an emergency dentist. We respond to a number of different types of dental emergencies.

If you have an excruciating toothache, in most cases, you will need a root canal. A Bonita Springs area emergency dentist Dr. Morse from our practice will get you into the office rapidly and evaluate the situation. If a root canal treatment is needed, we can initiate the process to relieve the pain. Subsequently, a permanent crown can be placed over the area, and cosmetically, it will look just like the real thing. Painful swelling is another type of dental emergency that a Bonita Bay dental emergency dentist can address.

You should not ignore swelling and tenderness with the hope that it will go away because there has to be a cause that must be addressed. Even a loose tooth should be looked at as an urgent matter. And of course, if a tooth has been knocked out for some reason, you should schedule an appointment with one of our emergency dentist Dr. Morse as quickly as you can. These are a handful of the different emergency scenarios that we can address, but there are a number of others. We urge you to err to the side of caution and seek the assistance of a Bonita Bay Dental emergency dentist promptly if you are experiencing any type of significant dental distress. We are here to help!

When it comes to the financial side of things, we accept many different forms of dental insurance. Our prices are affordable, so your share should not put too much of a strain on your budget if you have insurance coverage. Plus, we offer easy financing options, so you can always get the dental care that you need without parting with a lot of cash.

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